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- I was a DJ in early '70 
- before there were NO discotheques even 
and disco DJ profession :-))))



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(pod literami 'J' + 'Y' - Jan Yahu Pawul / Yahu Pawul)
(at / under letters 'J' + 'Y' - Jan Yahu Pawul / Yahu Pawul)

... The difference between ignorance and awareness is wisdom
We don't know where we are going unless we know where we've been
Without that knowledge... history is gone with the wind ...

AUTHOR:  Jan Pawul - better known worldwide as Yahu Pawul or Yahudeejay – was a “hero deejay” behind the Iron Curtain in the ultra-communist Poland of the 1970s. He was a first generation pioneer deejay and discotheque creator during the early days of disco and way beyond. But he paid a price for being an innovator, because the communist authorities persecuted him for his links and cooperation with deejays and other music industry movers and shakers in the free West.

Yahu Pawul is also a prominent historian of deejaying and the disco era. As a specialist media journalist, he is the creator and editor of http://www.djsportal.com - the No 1 worldwide disco and deejay history website, the largest and best site about the history of disco and deejays. It features more than 400 interviews, articles and thousands of unique photographs of the stars and icons of the disco era!

All his life, Yahu was opposed to the communists and the Polish deejays and organizations that collaborated with the oppressive regime. Like no one else in Poland, he popularized American disco music, artists, producers and culture – including R&B, Soul and Funky music. By doing this, he risked his freedom and even his life. He fought his own small and very private war against the communists and their agents. His anti-communist stance contributed in its own small way to the 1989 downfall of communism led by Lech Walensa, Solidarity and others.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Yahu was repeatedly stopped and interrogated by the Political Secret Police. The grotesque reasoning they used was that he "promoted misguided imperialist tricks hostile to the socialist homeland and aimed at distracting the Polish youth from their schooling and from working for the socialist fatherland". He is very lucky indeed to have stayed alive after so many "meetings" with the SB, the political secret police, who readily killed opponents of the totalitarian state via staged “accidents” and other devious means.

The communists confiscated his promotional vinyl records sent by record companies from the US and UK. He was forbidden to work in officially recognized Polish discos by the KRPD, the National Board of Disco Presenters, an oppressive organization created by the communists, which persecuted independent deejays. Its membership comprised most of the so-called “verified presenters”, who prostituted themselves to work for the state-controlled organization.

This was the peak of persecution for Yahu, an honest man, and a faithful professional deejay, driving forward the emerging idea of new-style disco clubs.

* He was a finalist in the First National Tournament of Discotheque Presenters in 1973 – so today he belongs to a tiny select group of legendary Polish deejays.

* In 1975, he had the honor of being the only Pole with honorary membership of NADD, the USA’s National Association of Disco Deejays, whose president was Robert J. Casey.

* Also in 1975, he had the honor of being the only Pole with honorary membership of NADJ, the UK’s National Association of Disc Jockeys, whose chairman was Ben Cree.

* He is the only Polish deejay to be a member of the DJ Hall of Fame or a member of the Pantheon of Most Significant and Meritorious World Deejays. And he is the only Polish deejay to attain the greatest honor and privilege that can be conferred on a professional deejay - global membership of the Disco Pioneers Hall of Fame!

His life passion, coming from the depths of his heart, is to save as much unique discotheque history material as possible for future generations.

This special electronic book / eBook includes a huge number of unique and rare articles, interviews with “disco era heroes” and thousands of historical illustrations, many of which you will never have seen before. 

    still care about real disco & DJ history
the orginator
the innovator
a real disco DJ pioneer
Jan *yahudeejay* Pawul

OLDEST DJ IN POLAND (this real one!): 

books author about dj and disco history: 
!! No one of worldwide DJs risked its life to play USA-R&B-Dance music in '70 communist regime Poland as YahuDeej@y did !! Most persecuted DJ in '70 communist regime Poland !!

... click on the pix to enlarge ...

Kolesie / ludzie z UK i USA – POMAGALI PRZEŚLADOWANEMU DEEJAYOWI W PRL. Sama tylko 3-letnia i codzienna promocja z największego wtedy koncernu płytowego EMI słana na mój adres dawała jakieś z 1000 - 7" rocznie. Razem z płytami promo z innych firm z USA i UK dawało to tysiące płyt każdego roku przez jakieś 10 lat. Pisano też o mnie sporo w zagranicznej prasie dyskotekowej i deejayskiej.

Byłem znany z powodu tych tysięcy płyt, artykułów prasowych co generowało (to oczywiste w komunistycznej Polsce lat ’70) zawiść zweryfikowanych komunistycznych deejayów / nieudaczników którzy kablowali / donosili na mnie gdzie tylko się dało. Wywoływało to skutki w postaci przeszukań mojego mieszkania przez polityczną, komunistyczną policję - SB, która KONFISKOWAŁA dużo mojej własności - szczególnie w 'stanie wojennym'. Całe moje archiwum – deejayska prasa, dokumentacja z tamtych lat / lat ’70 – widoczne tu na skanach / fotografiach materiały zostały mi skonfiskowane w ‘stanie wojennym’ i nigdy mi już tego nie oddano. Pozostało jedynie kilka zdjęć przechowywanych w USA u mojego koleżki po fachu jakim był nieżyjący już deejay pionier i znakomity dziennikarz muzycznego pisma Billboard - Barry Lederer, który sporo mi w latach ’70 pomagał i przyczynił się do zaistnienia tych wielu artykułów o mnie czy wciągnięcia mnie na listy wysyłkowe wielu firm płytowych.

Prawie o tym wszystkim zapomniałem. Po ponad rocznym pobycie w USA w 1989 / 90 roku zajęty byłem trudami życia w doprowadzonej przez komunistów do totalnego bankructwa Polsce. Dopiero chyba w 2002 czy 2003 roku mój koleżka, deejay i dziennikarz z Nowego Yorku Barry Lederer zrobił mi skany tych fotek i przesłał na mój adres mailowy. Dobrze, że niektóre rzeczy wtedy w latach ‘70 fotografowałem z pomocą super fotografa i jego niespotykanego jak na tamte lata sprzętu to teraz można te fotki / skany chociaż pokazać.

Good people from the UK and USA - HELPING PERSECUTED DEEJAY OF ’70 COMMUNIST POLAND. Record Companies of the US and the UK sent thousands of albums, 7”, 12” singles every year for about 10 years. There were also a lot of articles in UK / USA disco and deejay newspapers.

I was known, because of the thousands of records I received and articles they published about me and that generated (enviable in the 70's communist Poland) the envy of the verified communist deejays / losers who cabled / reported about me wherever possible. This has resulted search of my apartment by the political, communist police - SB, which has been CONFISCATED my property - especially in 'martial law'. All my archive - the deejay / disco press, documentation from ‘70 (the scans / photographs you can see here) were confiscated in 'martial law' and never return / came back to me. 

There were only a few photos left in my USA friend apartment – I mean NYC apartment of very pioneer deejay and great journalist for famous music magazine ‘Billboard’ - Barry Lederer (RIP).

Barry helped me a lot in the 1970s and contributed to the many articles about me or pulled me in.

He helped to put my name and address on the mailing lists of many record companies.

I almost forgot about it. After over a year in the USA in 1989/90, I was busy everyday existence problems in a communist Poland – country which fall down into total bankruptcy. In 2002 or 2003 my friend, deejay and journalist Barry Lederer scanned the pics (you see below) and sent them to my email address.

Well, it is good that I did the photos some things of my archive then in the '70 with the help of a super photographer and his unique equipment. Thanks of that it is possible to show those pics / scans public today.

... pix of the past :-))))))

... click on the pix to enlarge ...

Tak (foto powyżej) traktowali mnie obcy, poza moją ojczyzną Polską - a jak traktowali mnie Polacy za moje osiągniecia takie jak te uwiecznione na powyższych fotkach - pokazuje poniszy dokument / ZAKAZ(!) 

- szerzej czytaj tu: http://1952yahudeejay1970.blogspot.co.uk/p/zakaz-pracy-dla-deejaya-jestem-jedynym.html

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... kliknij w foto aby powiekszyć ...

*StarsManager* - Yahu Pawul {yahudeejay / yahuDJ} more video:

!! wybitny manager dyskotek 
!! wykładowca historii dyskotek i deejayów (polskiej + światowej) na kursach dla deejayów, itp. 

– deejay pionier (od 1970 do nadal) 
– historyk polskich i światowych dyskotek oraz deejayów (5 gigantycznych książek na koncie) 
– 50 lat doświadczenia zawodowego 
– bez problemu sprowadzający największe gwiazdy na sceny i konsolety dyskotek

--------- poleca swoje usługi za godziwe wynagrodzenie

sprawdź kim jestem:

* manager gwiazd --- http://starsmanager.blogspot.com
* manager dyskotek --- https://klubdyskoteka.blogspot.com 
* manager DJs, Radio, Artyści --- https://manager-dj-radio-dyskoteka-muzyka.blogspot.com 
* A&R exclusive manager --- http://silverclub-bielsko-biala.blogspot.com 
* deejay pionier (DJ Hall of Fame member) ---http://1952yahudeejay1970.blogspot.com 
* deejay pionier (press) --- http://disco-yahupawul.blogspot.com 
* moje książki --- http://books-dj-disco.blogspot.com 
* autor-pisarz --- http://autor-pisarz.blogspot.com 
* dziennikarz (articles) --- http://prasa-artykuly.blogspot.com 


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