DJ Mistrzowie z Radio Luxembourg 208

My DJ masta of ’70 Mr Tony Prince produce greatest documentary movie in parts.

This is best idea / movies ever about deejays …

Listen deejays like Tony in legendary Radio Luxembourg 208 was great DJ school for me and suppose many other deejays from Eastern Europe. Those deejays changed minds of many people here that time and that was element of destroy communist evil system ... I was very active deejay over 40 years and '70 disco era - historian today. 

Those DJs do not realise even how much they did for kids in Eastern Europe that ugly 'red' era here and I wrote to President of my country as same as on my blogs that they deserve special 'medal' of President of Poland, because they built / put their brick (or a few) for freedom building we've got today ...
[ 13 parts serial (of june 16th – 2016) and probably more next months …

… or on YouTube:

   (his movie blocked – strange!)

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